Policies For Refund And Cancellation 

Regarding our cancellation and return policies, SEOcontrol has very transparent and hassle-free terms and conditions. 


  • Our Billing Department takes control of all cancellations; therefore, all the cancellation requests must be forwarded to our billing department or directly communicated to our Account Manager. Your request will not be processed if the respective departments do not approve of it. 
  • Requesting for a cancellation within 12 hours of placing the order is essential to get them approved. Once the execution of your order has begun, your request will not be processed.
  • SEOcontrol is not responsible for any third party services mainly, content writing, web development, etc.

If you have doubts and queries regarding our services, please call us on 8910460439 or drop by our office at 64, 98 /c, Khudiram Bose Sarani, Milk Colony, Belgachia, Kolkata, West Bengal 700037, and we will help you clear all your doubts patiently. 

Return Policy

At SEOcontrol, your cancellation does not guarantee any refunds. If you have made a monthly payment, it is evident that your current month’s performance will determine the next month’s payment. Therefore, we do not guarantee any refunds based on traffic or ranking. 

You can email us your cancellation request at contact@seocontrol.net. Visit our website  https://seocontrol.net/ to explore our efficient services.