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Looking for professional Social media marketing companies in Kolkata that will take over your social media marketing campaign and bring user engagement? Well, we at SEOcontrol as your social media marketing company in Kolkata have got you covered with our data-driven social media marketing strategies that give leads & user engagement in your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram platforms. According to the New York Times, 82% of people are on social media currently, hence with well-thought-out social media services Kolkata will enhance your brand visibility significantly faster and attract your target audience like never before.

Why Should You Hire SEOcontrol For Your Social Media Marketing Services Kolkata?

We being a social media marketing agency believe in smart work with our retargeted SMM strategies or SMO for your channels with apt keywords, engaging hashtags creation, beautifully crafted social media share-worthy posts with unique creatives. Call us for social media service Kolkata, W.B.

Creative design, meme creation to engage the users

We believe memes are here to stay and it plays a pivotal role in social media marketing when it comes to user engagement. And this is why, we being a marketing agency in Kolkata, always thrive on grabbing the opportunities of user engagement with the help of creative designs that tell a visual story rather than a mere design. We also create controversial memes, jokes according to recent topics so that it gets viral and your brand gets an amazing recognition

Use of SemRush to gather your competitor’s data and act accordingly 

We utilize semrush a lot in picking up competitor’s data, their social media posts, which posts are getting most of the shares or comments. Once we have all the data, we seat together and brainstorm new marketing strategies for our customers that will do wonders for your brand recognition in social media platforms such as FB, Twitter, or Instagram. Our social media marketing service depends on tools such as SemRush or Ahrefs for strategies and data. It helps in social networking too.

social media marketing company in kolkata

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How SEOcontrol market your business via social media marketing campaigns?

We get CPC rates for your money keywords via Ahrefs and then run ads. When we are brainstorming about our social media marketing strategies, then the first note we make is the CPC rate for your money keyword so that we can offer you an amazing ROI for all your spendings. We narrow down the competition by picking up their most researched keywords and then offer a better bid amount for them to rank in the top positions of Google so that we can get maximum clicks in our PPC marketing campaigns. This is one of our integral parts of Social media marketing services in Kolkata by top digital marketing agencies like SEOcontrol.

Use of UberSuggest for content marketing planning 

Finding content copies that are being shared online from your competition sites is extremely important to create organic user engagement signals. Our Social media marketing services will help you in picking up the right content copies, choosing the perfect clickbait titles that trigger human interaction, and eventually help to build brand awareness on social media platforms via SMM companies Kolkata like us, SEOcontrol. We use UberSuggest a lot in this case for planning the content, titles for SMO.

Our Long List of Social Media Marketing Clients

We're lucky to work with some of the biggest names across the world. Check them out here!

What Makes SEOcontrol's Social Media Marketing Services in Kolkata Different Than Other Marketing Agencies?

Are you looking for social media marketing services near me in Kolkata? Then, SEOcontrol will be your final destination for all types of marketing needs from Facebook marketing to Google ad campaigns we cover all odds for your digital growth. Here are our USPs of most of our premium social media marketing strategies for our beloved customers. Call +91-8910460439 for our expert SMO services in Kolkata today or connect with our social media experts who will guide you with an amazing free roadmap for your brands or ad campaigns irrespective of we work or not as a gift. You can also check out our website design service along with SMM to get yourself a cool site.

Social Media Marketing Package Rate in Kolkata: SMO Service Campaign Name, Service Fee, Campaign Duration

SMM Campaign Package Name

Campaign Service Fee

Campaign Duration

Page Followers or Likes

1 Month Crash Campaign15,999 INR/Month30 Days1000+ Followers/ Likes
3 Months Agency Campaign11999 INR/Month90 Days5000+ Followers/ Likes
6 Months Premium Campaign8999 INR/ Month180 Days10,000+ Followers/ Likes

N.B. All the above mentioned prices are inclusive of GST* if you have GST number, then you will get back the GST credit easily. Discount will be offered on social media marketing packages with more than 6 months of campaign run time. Check out our other services  or drop us an email at Product package codes: sku: skuST0821, gtin8: ST0821, mpn: mpnT0821

SEOcontrol: Data Driven ROI Based Social Media Marketing Company in Kolkata

We being the best SMO marketing agency Kolkata, follow below methods to offer ROI on your packages so that you will get an amazing exposure in your social media channels.

  • Uniquely create and promote your content; Our unique content creation as well as designs so that your probable customers are engaged on your SM handles.
  • Reviews and Mentions for Brand Recognition;  We believe being recognized by your probably customers is aptly important. And, this is why we have a special online reputation management team that will take care your media mention and other marketing strategies such as reviews, video reviews, recommendations etc.
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Use Quora Questions and Answers for brand visibility via our Social Media marketing Services

Quora questions and answers can be one of the best social media marketing tools for any marketers in Kolkata. If you could get into the first position for your answer by recommending your business then you’d gain a lot of free traffic. At SEOcontrol, we use this amazing SMM technique and content marketing to build brands online for our clients. Quora content marketing is our strategy as one of the top Social media marketing companies in Kolkata.

Use of influencer marketing in FB and Instagram 

Our social media marketing agency in Kolkata will connect you with numerous influencers who will be marketing for your brand from their Facebook pages or Instagram handles. Such, influencer marketing will boost your brand immensely in no time, making sure our social media marketing campaigns are a runaway winner to draw customer’s attention. Contact us here to know more.

Tie-up with Youtube Vlogs to create video promotions in SMM Campaign

We also tie-up with a few powerful influencers on Youtube who have thousands of followers so that when they talk about your brands or products for social media marketing then you’ll become a well-known agency. We also trend creative hashtags for your brands online, so that people can easily find you and you’ll get amazing results from our unique SMO services Kolkata. Our social media experts will guide you on hashtags creation and sharing. Book and Appointment today for more information or you can check out our about us page too.

ChatBot for Facebook marketing our no 1 social media marketing strategy in Kolkata

ChatBot has now been in the news for a long time, yet most of the Social media marketing companies in Kolkata neglect it. But, we at SEOcontrol being the best social media marketing service provider do not. And this is why, we set up unique Facebook chatbot for your messenger or even for your website, then create personalized questions and menu answers that will be sent automatically to the interested customers when they inquired about your services or products. Entire chatbot marketing process is on automation, thus you’ll be selling products on social media even during your sleep. We’d install the pixel code on your website too for easy tracking and monitoring of chatbot conversion or sales reports. 

Our top SMM strategies are Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, and event giveaway 

Our social media marketing services in Kolkata will have Facebook stories, Instagram stories as one of our SMM strategies. Our creative marketing for social media brings huge engagement for you since stories are a new feature introduced in Facebook and Instagram in recent days. We also offer brand promotions via Facebook event promotions, live video chatting with users. All these are amazing social media marketing techniques that SEOcontrol uses to gain an upper hand on your competitions.

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You can see, we rank on PAGE 1# for most of our KWs like social media marketing agency or social media marketing services or even social media marketing companies kolkata etc. Just like you have found us online, we can do the same for you as well. Call us today for a free consultation. We believe in building relationship and helping brands grow digitally!

FAQs On Our Social Media Marketing Services in Kolkata

✔️Q1. Why should you hire social media marketing Agencies near me in Kolkata?

Social media marketing services will bring you social signals for your brands. It enhances your brand visibility and hence your target audience will reach for your products via online medium such as your FB, Twitter handles or websites. This is why, always have a budget for your social media campaigns in Kolkata

✔️Q2. What's the duration of social media marketing in Kolkata?

Social media marketing campaigns last forever as long as you’d want to be visible in front of your target audience you will have to pay for FB ads, TikTok ads, Google PPC and such marketing campaign will drive sales overnight for your agency. SEOcontrol is a pro with creative social media campaign

✔️Q3. What is the campaign cost of social media marketing in Kolkata?

Social media marketing campaign cost depends on various factors such as ad budget, designing of memes, graphics, video editing or even shooting. Hence, there is no fixed cost for social media marketing campaign here in Kolkata. But, on an average the price starts at 8000 INR and goes upto 50,000 INR per month. Call SEOcontrol, the best social media agency for a free quotation.

✔️Q4. What Social Media Marketing Platforms should I promote for kolkata audience?

Well, SMM can be done in various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even currently on TikTok since it has gained a massive users in recent days. But, it always depends on your business niche and product you are trying to sell. Most cases, FB, Instagram are the best two platforms to start your marketing campaigns later on you can also work with LinkedIn/ TikTok

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