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We at SEOcontrol one of the most popular content writing companies in Kolkata due to our extraordinary seo content writing services. With the help of our website content writers your articles, blogs will rank higher in Google’s SERP in no time. Our content writers in Kolkata always offer 100% plagiarism free, keyword optimized content writing services that you’ll find nowhere else. Call our expert content writers and book an appointment today for a free demo sample. Our expert content writers offer 24×7 seo writing services.

How SEOcontrol's Content Writers in Kolkata Work?

In case you are wondering, “Is it worthwhile to invest in content writing companies like SEOcontrol?” Here are the top 3 reasons to help you figure out why you should. In case you are wondering, “Is it worthwhile to invest in content writing companies like SEOcontrol?” here are the top 3 reasons to help you figure out why you should. 

  • SEO Content Makes You Searchable:We know “Content is king!”, With the right content and keyword, SEO content writers will help you to reach your potential customers, thus increasing your visibility and rating.
  • Authentic Content Shows You’re Reliable:We always prefer a website that Google trusts. Adding user intent based content to your website builds brand awareness and helps to earn links from relevant websites leading to better ranking and reliability in readers eye. Hire our expert content writing services and witness how Google improves your website rank in a heartbeat. 
  • Engaging Content Is How You Get Involved:Would you like to visit a shop that looks shabby and unorganized? Never right? The same goes for your customers. But an experienced webpage content writer knows well how to add value and quality to your website leading to more sales and conversion. It helps your CTR scores significantly higher and thus bring in more ROI for your existing business.
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Are you searching for a professional content writer in Kolkata for your business website? Great! is one of the best content writing companies in Kolkata with the 21 amazingly skillful full time in house professional content writers to provide premium quality, customized content depending on your project requirements. #Call us today for more info.

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Why should you invest money in professional content writing services? 

Well, let me ask, “why shouldn’t you?”

Remember, content is not just like a currency. And every time it is shared with a new individual, it becomes more and more valuable.  It is just like an investment oozing higher returns’.

Content Writing services give top-notch, well-researched, well-written content to help you grow your business online. Here are the top 4 reasons to invest in a content writing company to get high-quality content RIGHT NOW.

  • Make a Killing Digital Presence: Did you know your customer takes just 17 milliseconds to form an opinion about your online business? So it better to be worthwhile. Content writing agency in Kolkata makes sure your content is top-notch and unique, building a killing digital presence of 24*7.

Build Credibility Among Your Buyer Personas

When you create valuable content, your audience connects to you better. They are more likely to trust your advice and recommendations, which ultimately improves your brand reputation and credibility. Hire the content writers Kolkata and build strong credibility among your visitors. 

Reach out to an Untapped Audience

Do you get attracted to the store with astonishing stocks and services? Yes, I assume! So do your customers. Quality content from best content writers capture untapped audiences and is something which cannot be stressed enough for your business growth.

Improve Rankings via seo keyword optimized content

High-quality content coupled with the best SEO strategies-unbeatable combination. Every penny you spend on content writing services gives you valuable and optimized content that generates more traffic leading to higher conversions and profit.

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How SEOcontrol's Content Writers in Kolkata Work?

Quality, engaging contents leverages audiences more than anything else. It grabs the buyer’s attention and reinforces your brand’s message. The idea is about trading content for customer’s attention. Therefore it has to be the best! Want to know how the best content writers at SEOcontrol do their job? It’s pretty simple and straight-forward!

Take Content Writing Orders From Our Clients

The first and foremost step for content writing company Kolkata is to accept our customers' requests. We note all the in-detailed information about the project, the points to consider, and everything that will can our SEO content writer frame the best and unique content.

Extensive content research & gaining authoritative knowledge on the topics

This is the step where our creative team's entire focus is on what's "IMPORTANT" - competitors, price, and individuality. We study the top sites on a similar niche, their strategy, their flow; a lot of research goes into this process. Content writing company have their expert team to conduct in-depth research and gather valuable information and knowledge.

Gather data, graphics images, and PPTs to support the content facts

We believe in having an authoritative content that deals with fact checks, data from surveys and research-backed results- these 3 are an unbeatable combination for experienced content writers in Kolkata. This step is exactly what the best content writing agency in Kolkata does. Graphics, images, PPTs, etc. makes the content more interesting to read, and our team makes sure they are on point.

Our web content writers send content outlines with keyword mapping

After the comprehensive research, our website content writer creates an overview of the content, keyword list, seo planning according to the user intent and forwards it to the client to their thoughts.

The client accepts our content outline, we start our content creation

Once the client accepts and approves the sample, our writers start working on it. Our dedicated team at SEOcontrol makes sure the content is 100% unique and engaging and facts-driven.

Once we're done writing, we submit the draft for client approval

After completing the content writing work, top content writing company Kolkata like SEOcontrol, proofreads and sends the final draft to clients and wait for them to approve the write-up.

The client approves our content and sends us the next order

The last step is for the client to be happy and content with our "CONTENTS "and presentation. Once this goal is fulfilled, we start working with the clients on a long-term basis.

Our Long List of Clients​

We're lucky to work with some of the biggest names across the world. Check them out here!​

Hire Professional Content Writers From SEOcontrol Today

  • Hire SEOControl today and get unique writing content for your website. Our materials are well-research, persuasive, engaging, keyword centric, strategically written, keeping in mind the individual needs and requirements of the business.

Our Different Types of Content Writing Services in Kolkata

SEOcontrol, the best content writing Company Kolkata provides the best resolution for your content-related issues. Starting with voice optimization services to social media post writing, SEOControl delivers it all. Here is a list of a few of the services offered by the content writer in Kolkata city.

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Voice Optimized Content Writing

Down the line after a few years, you won’t be typing anymore instead of speaking to your system. The time has come to switch up the optimization strategy to the next level with SEOcontrol’s best content writing agency in Kolkata. We offer all types of voice optimization services that will drive valuable traffic to your website, leading to more sales and profit. We have detailed information on voice-optimization content writing to help us better understand the subject.

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Blog writing and Guest Post Writing

Our team has the best content writers that create excellent blog articles and guest posts. They know very well how to make a complex subject interesting and engaging in a blog post. Once you provide us with your requirements and time frame, our blog writers make sure to deliver the best quality content within the stipulated time. Our writers are experts in articles, blogs writing etc. and know the tactics to optimize your blog post by incorporating various keywords, but making sure it doesn’t spoil the integrity of the content. 

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SEO content writing / SEO Article Writers

SEO is an integral part of content writing, and we have the best of the best SEO content writer. They perform extensive research to get the best-targeted keyword for your business and are committed to their services. They take the utmost care and patience in delivering quality content to our clients. We have dedicated article writer Kolkata to handle various types of SEO services and provide the ultimate solution. Hire the best content writing agency Kolkata and notice the instant improvement of your page rank. 

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PR or Press Release Writing Service 

If your company plans to launch new products and services, let our web content writer take care of it. Whether it be new launches, events or exhibitions, mergers or development, content writing company Kolkata will help to connect you with your targeted audience. 

 Our team of PR writers knows well how to handle brand reputation while keeping in mind the customers’ best interest. We know how to be engaging with customers while making them aware of the latest products and services while bearing the intention to drive sales. 

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Product Description Writing

How will your customer know about your product if you don’t tell them? We will help you with that. Hire content writing company to help with product description writing services and let your targeted audience know everything you desire them to know. Our writer conducts extensive research and designs the best and curate content for your website. 

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Product Review Writing Service

In this digitalization era, customers want to read genuine reviews and thoughts from the buyers before purchasing online. This helps them to gain more clarity about the services and products. Honest product reviews are always in demand and are a great way to provide value and insights about the product to potential buyers. 

SEOcontrol makes sure your customers get to read the best reviews and opinions about your product. Our professional review team performs extensive research to evaluate the products and services and shares their genuine verdict to the customers. The reviews are well-researched and persuasive to grab the customer’s attention and emphasize the product’s uniqueness.

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Website Content Writing Service

Grabbing and engaging the attention of the visitors is indeed challenging. Be it a blog, an article, or website, it is essential to connect and give value to the visitors so that they come back looking for more. Each website content has its tone, and the web content writer must have the requisite flair to match the requirement.

With SEOcontrol content writing services, you will get highly appealing, meaningful, and readable content to reach your prospects. Our focus is to provide succinct content, strategically placed, SEO rich-helping your business to get immense popularity it deserves. 

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Social Media Post Writing 

Social media is so much more than just memes and events. Social media posts play a significant role in framing your brand’s social presence, engaging the audience, and improving client service tactics. Hire content writers Kolkata and get compelling social media posts for your brand and business to reach the fans. 

Hire Content writing company in Kolkata and make your social presence known to your customers through posts, updates, feedback, relevance. Our team of content writers is highly skilled in producing engaging social media content that is not only eye-catching but worth sharing. Grow your business socially with the best social media post writing services and unleash the new world of opportunities.

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SEOcontrol: One of the Best Content Writing Companies in Kolkata

  • Hire SEOControl today and get unique writing content for your website. Our materials are well-research, persuasive, engaging, keyword centric, strategically written, keeping in mind the individual needs and requirements of the business.
  • We provide 100% plagiarism-free, grammatically rich content. We use Grammarly premium for our grammar checking. For our plagiarism check, our articles go through Copyspace check to ensure they are 100% unique and engaging. 
  • Before starting with any project, content writers Kolkata conducts in-depth research, fact-checking and gathers all the necessary information and data required to frame quality content. We believe every project is different and unique, and we make sure we deliver quality based on facts and data.
  • Our website content writer, use the reference from 5-6 sites to make your content the most researched and unique from the competitors. We make sure that our clients get the best in the market.

Get in touch with our guest posting outreach experts now & close your deals instantly!

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FAQs on Content Writing Company in Kolkata

✔️Q. Why Should You Hire Content Writers in Kolkata?

Hiring a content writers in Kolkata from SEOcontrol will help you build your business from scratch to the top. It is just like having a full-time content writer to take care of your business. We will provide you with detailed information and keep you regularly updated about the proceedings and the progress.

✔️Q. Will I get a project manager for content writing?

Yes. You will get a dedicated project manager to handle your content requirements, be the bridge between you and your content writers in Kolkata. From editing to optimization, to uploading articles, our devoted team of project managers makes sure the content is persuasive and top-notch.

✔️Q. Do you have a monthly content writing package?

Get our monthly content packages and be worry-free about your online business. We have the best content writers near Kolkata to take care of your online business with the best marketing strategies. Our close ties with influence will help your brand gain recognition over social media platforms- medium, Quora, FB, Twitter, and Instagram.

✔️Q. Will I get copyscape report from content writers?

Yes, we as the best content writing agency in Kolkata offer premium copyscape and grammarly reports for our customers. We offer 100% copyscape free seo articles that will skyrocket your ranking in a month time. You can also ask for 2 free modifications in your final submitted articles. Visit for more information.

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