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In the month of December 2014, on a coffee table of CCD, City Center Salt Lake, two guys Kaushik Dutta and Abhishek Chatterjee came up with an idea to create an internet marketing agency that offer premium solutions at local rate. Probably first time in Kolkata, SEOcontrol brings international flavour in local tea in form of seocontrol.net

The Founders of SEOcontrol.net

Here are those two men, who wanted to change the concept of SEO in the city of joy, Kolkata

kaushik dutta founder

Kaushik Dutta

Founder, SEOcontrol

A tech nerd, currently working with the biggest IT agency in India. He loves to explore various new tricks on SEO, Google PPC, FB ads. Plans to join SEOcontrol full time in the near future. He is currently drove deep in the affiliate coaching marketing in USA and UK with successful affiliate sites. His biggest strength is planning and executing any web architecture from ground level, keeping all the latest SEO techniques in mind like no one else.

abhishek chatterjee founder

Abhishek Chatterjee

Co-Founder, SEOcontrol

An SEO Geek who reads, eats, sleeps about SEO 24×7. Probably the first professional seo expert in Kolkata who works with latest techniques such as semantic seo, web entities, NLP, E-A-T and many more. Owns 4 start-ups agencies in Kolkata in the field of travel, interior design, content writing and SEO. He better known by his pen name, Abhi Content Writer, which is currently the most reviewed content writing start-up agency in India.

Our Core Team Members

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Here're our wonderful team members from SEOcontrol. These are the main reasons that we're no 1# seo agency today.

Kautuk Bhatnagar​
Web Security Expert & Consultant

When you run a website, you’d need someone who masters the art of web design. And Kautuk heads our web design, web security dept since 2017

sayantani chatterjee
Senior SEO Expert

Sayantani Chatterjee

An SEO company is nothing without an expert seo team head. Sayantani is our on page tech SEO consultant with 4 yrs of experience in SEO field.

mondira mondal
SEO Project Manager

Mondira Mondal

You’ll always need someone to manage your projects and Mondira heads this position of being our ever reliable seo manager at SEOcontrol

Priyanka Pain​
Content Strategy Head

Priyanka Pain

Content planning with apt keyword distribution is a key factor in ranking. And Priyanka does it like a champ. She is our content strategy planner.

Kaushik Bhattacharya​
Webpage Copy Writer

Kaushik Bhattacharya

Writing a webpage is an art, specially when you’ll have to work on the SEO factors. Kaushik does it for us daily that helps us getting ranks easily.

Sohini Chatterjee​
Social Media Marketing Expert

Sohini Chatterjee

Social Media has become the new SEXY of marketing. And our ever elegant Sohini takes care of it, from design to content – all in one pack

Pankaj dubey
Senior Graphics Designer

Pankaj Dubey

Designs are like the visual representations of thoughts and Pankaj does like no-one can. Our go-to man for all sort of graphics.

Dwitaya Chowdhury​
SEO Content Writer

Dwitaya Chowdhury

She plays with her words in such a way that Google puts our clients on 0 positions. She is our bet when we need to rank for tough KWs

Our Long List of Clients

We're lucky to work with some of the biggest names across the world. Check them out here!

abhishek chatterjee founder

We rank in Page 1 for all our start-ups such as Bengal Tour Plans, Abhi Content Writer and now SEOcontrol. Logically speaking, there is something that we have been doing correctly for years is not it? Else, how can we rank all our websites in page 1 in everywhere. Also, we hold 100% success rate for ranking our clients in page 1 of Google which is mindblowing for an seo firm like us. We’d request you to explore our services once to understand why we are the best in Kolkata today.

A letter from the CEO, SEOcontrol

Over the years ClickDo grew to become the top SEO Agency in London, UK. SEO wasn’t an easy journey, however done strategically it helps to budge. We’ve grown from a small SEO Consultancy business where I, Kasun and Logesh worked from home, to an agency that consults for local businesses in the UK, US, Asia and taking off in European countries. That’s one of the reasons I travel extensively in Europe to fetch opportunities to grow our teams and find new clients.

Did you know that Google changes their search engine algorithm many times each year? And it’s more frequent now. These changes can make websites go up and down in ranks, however the website that built their brand ranks steady. And that’s what we’ve done at ClickDo. We’ve built a digital agency services brand for ClickDo as well as for our clients, utilizing the most effective search marketing techniques. We focus on story telling with written content and media that captures people’s attention.

At ClickDo we aim to grow towards 100 digital consultancy experts who consult for 300 local businesses in the UK. We are growing our presence in the US and ClickDo Consulting is geared towards the digital journey in 2020. With offices around the world, in the UK, India, Sri Lanka and Canada we have teams working around the clock. Our digital consultancy experts are always motivated to work towards building the greatest digital agency in the world.

How we work at ClickDo?

If you never heard or knew much about SEO or you want to learn how search engines can help your business grow online, have a conversation with me or one of my personal trained by me, as SEO consultants. We will explain to you how SEO works and how we work obeying the rules by search engines like Google. Get in touch with us for a free consultation via Skype or come to one of our offices and meet us in person.

Fernando Raymond

CEO & Managing Director, ClickDo (Pvt) Ltd.