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Finding a highly skilled digital marketing company in Kolkata is extremely hard. When, most of the marketing agencies are focusing on earning money, we at SEOcontrol, are earning applauds due to our 100% ROI driven, data oriented digital marketing service near Kolkata, West Bengal. Our out of the box digital strategies will help you generate free leads from numerous social media and search engines like never before. Call us today at +91-8910460439 for a free digital consultation.

How digital marketing experts in SEOcontrol help you with ROI driven marketing strategies?

Haven’t you gone mad, dealing with thousands of so-called digital marketers who know nothing about online marketing as a digital marketing company in Kolkata? 

Aren’t you one of them, who’s now thinking about outsourcing their digital marketing campaign to a renowned agency that changes “a bomb”

Well, Say Hello to SEOcontrol! Your guardian angel in digital marketing in Kolkata. With more than 6 years of experience as a professional digital-based marketing agency, we ought to offer an amazing ROI based, result-driven marketing campaign that skyrockets your sales in no time. In 94% of cases, we have seen, most of the online marketers, don’t audit your digital marketing campaign before setting the ads or rolling out the strategies. 

But, unlike other top digital marketing agencies in Kolkata, we at SEOcontrol, sit with our clients, understand their business requirements, client base, subscription models, and then we create a digital marketing strategy that will bring revenue for the customers. 

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The secret to getting backlinks lies in your ability to strategize;

  • You create and promote your content; it is very important that you create extremely compelling and unique content that visitors will want to read, share, reference, and so on.
  • Reviews and Mentions; consider talking to social media influencers and others with a huge online following, let them review or mention your product
  • Friends and partners; have your family and friends link to your site. It’s better if they do so from similar or related industry rather than unrelated, random sites.
  • Other tips; other tips include guest blogging, use of infographics and epic videos and directory submission.
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Why SEOcontrol is the best digital marketing company in Kolkata?

As a digital marketing agency in Kolkata, we first point out all the errors in your websites such as CTR issues, 0 CTA options, issues in Google search console, tag manager account, webmaster, issues in UX and UI to break the user engagement if you have an eCommerce site. 

Once the problem is solved, as the best digital marketing company, our experts will use tracking codes on your website. We integrate Hotjar tracker to record your user behavior, analyze their activities on the site and then finally capture the leads with funnel ads, retarget marketing ads via Kolkata digital advertising agency SEOcontrol on Facebook or Google via cookies.

We approx. 79% of cases, use our social media marketing techniques such as WhatsApp marketing, email, and SMS marketing to nurture the leads and finally convert the leads into paying customers via our chatbot and easy payment gateway facilities.

Our Digital Marketing Clients List

We're lucky to work with some of the biggest names across the world. Check them out here!​

Our different types of expert digital marketing services in Kolkata

Our digital marketing services in Kolkata consist of multiple genres of marketing channels so that we can capture leads for our clients without burning their budget too soon.  Most of the time, we tend to create a solid marketing plan and then assign it to our in house digital marketers who will execute the day to day activities to gain the best possible results on a monthly basis.

SEO as our core digital marketing strategy

We believe organic search engine marketing has a huge impact on your website’s ranking. If you are doing the steps correctly, then search engine optimization is the best way to sell your products online with a ridiculous amount of ROI that can’t be achieved via google ads or Facebook ad campaigns. So as a Kolkata based digital marketing agency, we prefer SEO as our no 1 marketing weapon for our clients. You can even speak to our expert SEOcontrol team for more info. 

Content marketing and video marketing

If the content is king then video marketing is the new queen! We focus heavily on authentic content marketing on quora, medium, Facebook pages, quora space, LinkedIn, and other platforms to gain traffic via our digital marketing services. Along with content marketing, we have got an emphasis on video marketing on YouTube channels using location tags, hashtags, meta descriptions, embeds, etc, or on youtube alternative sites like DailyMotion, Vimeo, etc.

Pay-Per-Click Campaign ( PPC Ads Campaign)

Almost 97.4% of marketing agencies in Kolkata focus on PPC ad campaigns for their clients to bring sales. We at SEOcontrol have a specialized team of PPC experts who will take over your campaign, implement scripts, google sheet formulas to breakdown all equations that will enable you to understand how much CPC should be affordable for your business. Our house digital marketing service team will help you with ad impressions, the quality score of the ads, location extensions, search terms selections, call extension ads, display ads, local business ads, etc.

Click funnel ads for lead capturing

Click funnels ad marketing is a key feature of our digital marketing service agency near Kolkata city where we capture customer name, phone number, email ids, and then with the help of email marketing, WhatsApp marketing we convert them into positive sales. We as a digital marketing agency also offer click funnel website setup, form setup, or website design services to help our clients to start the marketing campaigns for their landing page or business website. At SEOcontrol we also use Google My Business sites as lead magnets for local SEO strategies and get our clients an unfair advantage.

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How Contact Our Kolkata Digital Marketing Agency?

  • You create and promote your content; it is very important that you create extremely compelling and unique content that visitors will want to read, share, reference, and so on.
  • Reviews and Mentions; consider talking to social media influencers and others with a huge online following, let them review or mention your product

How Our Digital Marketing Agency In Kolkata Works?

Our digital marketing agency SEOcontrol utilizes a lot of tools in order to gain massive advantages for our online marketing campaigns. We use funnel techniques, lead generation ads via form submission in FB, Canvas ads on Facebook, and Instagram marketing to capture leads for our customers. You can also call us or book an appointment with us for a free quotation on our expert digital marketing services for your agency.

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WhatsApp marketing

We have WhatsApp marketing experts who will blast your packages among 100k+people

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SMS marketing

Our SMS Marketing team will share your offers among probable customers in your target area


Email marketing

We’ve premium email marketing tools such as snovio to help you gain leads from email marketing.

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Retarget ads marketing

Our re-target marketing experts will target your core ad audience to spend money on your biz

Digital marketing service package in Kolkata with monthly EMI

Ever heard of monthly EMI for digital marketing services in Kolkata? Well, now you’ll! SEOcontrol brings to you a monthly subscription-based digital marketing planning according to your business requirements. For example, if you don’t need social media marketing for one month, then you don’t have to pay for it, you’ll only be paying for the other digital marketing services we have been working on. Contact us for digital marketing services today at an affordable rate.

It helps you to set a cap on your marketing budget and also get the maximum ROI possible. As a digital agency in Kolkata, we are committed to offering a 360-degree marketing solution for our clients.  And this is why our “go-as-you’d-like-to-pay” digital marketing subscription plan will enable you to continue with your online marketing campaign for a longer period of time.

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Digital marketing company in Kolkata: Service Package, Marketing Campaign Cost, Campaign Duration

We at SEOcontrol come up with different types of digital marketing packages for our Kolkata customers. If you are a business owner in Kolkata, then this is our digital agency service package names, service campaign setup time and duration, cost of marketing packages have been enlisted below.

Digital Marketing Campaign Names

Marketing Service Package Cost

Package Duration (Months)

Startup campaign

Rs. 10,000

8 Months

Agency Campaign

Rs. 15,000

7 Months

Superstar Campaign

Rs. 25,000

6 Months

** Note, you can customise our digital marketing packages according to your needs. Call us at +91-8910460439 or mail us at for info. Our digital marketing product codes are: sku: skuST0822, gtin8: ST0822, mpn: mpnT0822

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Hire SEOcontrol: The Best Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata

You may be wondering, why SEOcontrol is listed as a top digital marketing agency in Kolkata, West Bengal? Our in-house digital marketing expert teams are extremely knowledgeable, hardworking, and skillful to execute the campaign with an almost 98.3% success rate. And this is why SEOcontrol is called the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata.

  1. Best Web Design Development & Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata 
  2. We believe in Honest White Hat Ethics and don’t spam like other marketing agencies
  3. Extremely Affordable when it comes to rates and service packages 
  4. Commit providing the best customer experience for the social media marketing campaign in Kolkata setup
  5. Can easily execute complex strategies like inbound marketing campaigns or retarget video ads. 
  6. Monthly EMI systems with a customized solution for online marketing

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FAQs About Our Digital Marketing Agency Kolkata

✔️Q1. What is digital marketing?

A. Digital marketing is a form of online marketing, where we at SEOcontrol help your business to grow digitally and in the process, you provide you with ROI for your investments. We as the best digital marketing agency Kolkata construct the strategies according to your business genres and goals.

✔️ Q2. What is the cost of a digital marketing campaign in Kolkata?

A. The cost of a digital marketing campaign starts from 10,000-12,000 INR and goes up to 5 lakhs or more depending on your budget, your business goals and niches. Check our service packages for info, rates, durations etc. Check out our content marketing services in kolkata too.

✔️ Q3. How to book a free digital marketing consultation with SEOcontrol?

A. We at SEOcontrol offer free consultation on digital marketing campaigns for your website. You can book the consultation timing from our book an appointment page on our website Or you can simply call our digital marketing expert Sayantani at +91-8910456430 for help.

✔️ Q4. Customer care number or email address for SEOcontrol's digital experts?

A. You can reach SEOcontrol’s professional marketing team at +91-8910460439 for free or mail at for more information. Wish you a speedy digital growth for your business endeavours. You can also WhatsApp us at +91-8910456430 or inquiry.

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