How To Improve Your SEO Strategy With E-A-T?

How To Improve Your SEO Strategy With E-A-T?

In 2020, digital marketers need to refocus their attention on improving their website performance. Google has been making some significant algorithm changes for the past few years, and this year would be no different. The term E-A-T has been around for quite a long time and stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Google doesn’t only care for quality content but wants to make sure it’s correct as well. Here, we will talk about how to improve your SEO strategy with E-A-T.

free SEO consultancy by abhishek
Free SEO consultancy by Abhishek

It is essential to go through the Quality Rater Guidelines by Google, which assigns scores to your searches. When you improve your E-A-T score, it will generally improve your rankings.  Higher E-A-T score is essential for websites dealing with health, wealth, and happiness. So, in the next section, you will be focusing on ways to improve your E-A-T score as part of your SEO strategy.

Quality Backlinks can be a great option to improve your SEO strategy with E-A-T

Backlinks give credibility to your website and improve your ranking significantly. You must use Backlinks from trusted sources and invest in your link building exercise. Make sure that the links provided are trusted entities, and there are connections between the places you have mentioned online. But then, finding an agency that will take care of your backlink building or off-page search engine optimization is extremely hard and this is why SEOcontrol steps up as the leading SEO Kolkata agency that gets the work done when it comes to ranking. Let us share with you some of our recent ranking reports that we at SEOcontrol have been fortunate enough to generate for our own money keywords. Here are some of our own ranking proofs where we have used various SEO strategies with E-A-T

seo service agency in kolkata
seo in kolkata

Give Emphasis to your Brand Strategy helps you in E-A-T Score

Focus on improving your brand strategy by revamping your social media pages or using SEOcontrol’s social media marketing packages. Our social media marketing experts will narrate your story with empathy. Explore new avenues to create a positive impact on your brand by interacting with influencers.  Build trust for your brand and earn valuable feedback from your audience. This will improve your E-A-T score and help you rank high in SEO.

Eliminate Low-Quality Writing and Hire expert content writers

It is exceptionally essential to fish out low-quality content from your website. It would help if you also refrain from using misleading content in your website. Google scores down heavily when you present incorrect information on your website and give false claims. Articles rank low when they don’t have a robust E-A-T score. Adding your personal story on your website can improve site ranking. In order to write personal stories, you can hire SEOcontrol’s content writers in Kolkata to help you out.

So, it’s better to rely on expert authors to score high on search engines and improve scores. Exclusive content is also essential when you are writing for YMYL pages because it’s directly related to the readers’ happiness, health, and safety.  But then if you are in Kolkata, then finding a good website content writer will be a tough job to accomplish and this is where content writing by an expert like Abhi Content Writer plays a keyword. You can see this popular content writing agency is now ranked number 1 in Google search for most of their keyword terms.

abhi content writer is the best content writer in kolkata

abhi content writer best content writing company in kolkata
Abhi content writer best content writing company in Kolkata


Improving Technicalities is essential for your Score for E-A-T

Google ranks a site higher for maintaining a secure structure. Moreover, whenever a website doesn’t conform to the security standards of Google, it receives an insecure notification. So implementing a sound SSL certificate is one of the best ways to propel your E-A-T score and improving trustworthiness. So, https helps a website to bounce back affected by Google updates. Along with these basic technical implementations for search engine optimization, we do a lot of advanced level of works that we don’t wish to disclose here as we know our competitors are always looking for our secret sauce. But, for your kind information, we are improving our SEO strategy with E-A-T optimization.

technical seo in kolkata

Include authors’ biographies to get E-A-T score

Author bio has a great impact if you are wondering How To Improve Your SEO Strategy With E-A-T. Generate a higher E-A-T score by adding the name of authors in your blog posts and the website’s about us page or other pages are written properly. It improves the trustworthiness of your website and helps readers to give accountability. You should also include relevant credentials and experience, along with your author biography. The latest change made by Google to its quality rater guidelines has forced website owners to rethink their SEO strategy. Focusing on the above plan of action helps to devise sound tactics and improve your E-A-T score.


Abhishek Chatterjee

Abhishek Chatterjee

Abhishek Chatterjee is a full-time SEO and Content Marketer who loves playing around with Google algorithms and updates. He is the co-founder and CEO of  As you can see, he is probably the best SEO in Kolkata considering the ranking he is able to generate via his 100% white hat SEO techniques along with his fellow team members. If you'd like to be in touch with him for a free consultation or a paid audit for your website, please mail him at

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