How to Build Your Audience on Twitter?

build twitter audience

Building our audience on Twitter is very important as it assures that promotion is effective and impactful and it helps maintain and build your brand easily. Some of the ways you can build your audience include:

Perfecting your bio and ensuring you have a clear and high-quality profile photo

This should be attractive and prompt your audience to want to know more about your page. It is what your audience sees first.

Following people and ensuring consistency in your tweeting activities online

 People tend to follow back once they realize you made an effort to follow them. Engaging regularly with your followers through tweets also helps to show your dedication to the page. In this case, hiring social media marketing in Kolkata would be a great idea for you.

Participating in trending hashtags (#). 

This will help put you “out there” where most of your target audience is and you were unable to reach them.

Ability to partner with a social media influencer.

Influencers like celebrities have a wider scope of the market. Setting aside some money to partner with them may prove to be very useful and helpful especially if you are an upcoming business or new to social media.

Engage with your followers

This will include replying to messages, responding to tweets that have your brand mentioned, etc. this will show your followers that you acknowledge them for their support.

Ability to create and share good content.

Ensuring that your brand is original and that the content created is eye-catching to your audience will have a great and positive impact on your brand and will bring more audience to your page.

Ensuring that majority of what you share through your page is visual. 

Mostly use images and/or short videos to capture the attention of your audience, this can be through funny videos/memes that relate to your brand. 

Ability to use Twitter analytics.

This will help you know what your audience and your target audience like. It will help you focus most of your communication/tweets towards that angle, ensuring you satisfy the needs of your audience. 

Promoting your brand

Use your “@name” anywhere and everywhere you can. This will help promote your brand to a wider target audience/market. Some of your followers could also share and do the same. This way you gain followers through referrals.

These nine-quick-and-easy steps will for sure make this platform easy to use, manage and target your audience easily and effectively.

Abhishek Chatterjee

Abhishek Chatterjee

Abhishek Chatterjee is a full-time SEO and Content Marketer who loves playing around with Google algorithms and updates. He is the co-founder and CEO of  As you can see, he is probably the best SEO in Kolkata considering the ranking he is able to generate via his 100% white hat SEO techniques along with his fellow team members. If you'd like to be in touch with him for a free consultation or a paid audit for your website, please mail him at

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